The Man

    Despite the fact that he never held public office, MKO is probably one of the most scrutinized figures in Nigeria’s history. This section addresses the controversies.

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    The death of MKO Abiola on the 7th July 1998, just as Nigerians were expecting for him to be released and become their President, took everyone by surprise. This section focuses on the aftermath of his death.

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    The Politician

    MKO Abiola first entered partisan politics in 1978, however it was his experience as Presidential candidate for the Social Democratic Party that is best known. This section looks at his political career from his NPN days to his arrest and detention by General Abacha.

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    The Statesman

    MKO’s success as an entrepreneur depended on his unsentimental approach to business. However it was his compassion and empathy that made him an internationally acclaimed statesman.


    The Entrepreneur

    The poverty of MKO’s early days fueled his drive to succeed in life. His drive and capability increased after his return from the University of Glasgow in Scotland. This section looks at his journey from student to internationally acclaimed businessman.

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    Early Days

    The section looks at the life of MKO Abiola, from his birth to the time he got his first job at Barclays bank after finishing secondary school.